Chuck Adame

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. As I was building this site I realized how much random stuff I do so I just started to put all kinds of different projects on this site, hopefully it'll be more entertaining this way.

So I'll start a quick bio by introducing myself. My name is Chuck Adame and I'm a creative soul that loves to be involved with anything that makes me happy. (That includes working with clients that I enjoy on a personal level.) As you'll see from this site that includes all forms of art and creativity but if we happen to become friends (as most of my clients do) then you'll also see that I truly just enjoy living life to the fullest. I'm currently located in Southern California but I do creative work all across the country and sometimes globally. I started out in Magazine Publication and Production and bounced around to a few agencies before ending up in Radio. In 2002 I started creating graphics for 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles and was also working in promotions there. Within a few years of being there I became Event Manager, then Director of Events and Promotions and after about 10 years with KROQ I went over to our sister station 97.1 AMP Radio to be Director of Marketing and Promotions. I was at AMP for 4 years before I decided it was time to really challenge myself and go out on my own to pursue my true passion of art, graphic design and blend it all in with live events. Using my 14 years of experience with radio events it's allowed me to bring a new sense of design and creativity to the masses and with an overall 20 years of Graphic Design experience hopefully you'll quickly realize that if you're on this site looking for someone to create something for you... then I'm pretty sure I can do it. 

Please feel free to take some time and click on all the menu items above. You'll see a ton of posters from some of your favorite bands, a bunch of random logos, a couple of weird and random sketches, some cool photos from different places that I've been, a few horrible photos of some paintings that I've done and then there's also a very unprofessional last tab that's just Misc Projects... Sorry, at a certain point I just didn't want to keep creating a million tabs for all the different work I am capable of doing. There's also a blog section that I don't update as much as I should and last is the contact page. Feel free to use it to tell me about an idea or project you may need help with or maybe just say hello, tell me how much you love my work, tell me how much you hate my work or just tell me a joke... whatever makes you happy. 

Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to making new friends out there.